Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantastic fou(d)

My colleagues and I decided to have a cheeky long lunch yesterday so we battled the scorching sun and walked the 500 metres to Robinson Road to a quirky little french cafe, Fou de fafa. 

Even before we managed to study the menu, we knew the food was going to be the sex! Every table was taken (good thing we made reservations beforehand) and spread with glorious fresh food!

The colourful chalkboard menu, scrawled with the cutest food names, was mesmerizing! I was inclined to read each and every item, including the wacky descriptions that followed. 

My colleagues ordered a couple of pizzas to share, one had a smoked salmon sandwich and I ordered the Kue Sa Dilla (quesadilla). The food took a while to arrive but we were prepared to wait, especially since all the food was made fresh. By the time they arrived, we had worked up quite an appetite - which was just as well because the portions are very generous!

The pizzas seem to be their speciality, as almost every table had ordered a serving, perfect for sharing. But they aren't what you expect of a typical pizza. The crust, ultrathin and airy, is full of crunch. It isn't loaded with sauce and cheeses, but is instead topped with fresh produce like rocket tossed in dressing and shredded chicken. 

Even the quesadilla (under $14) is incredibly unique. Void of any mexican flavour, my lightly toasted flat bread was filled with shredded chicken in a curry cream dressing and cubes of tomatoes. It also comes with a side bowl of salad.

If you're feeling extra naughty at lunch, you can order a glass of their house wine at only $7.50. 

More than just a themed cafe with good organic food, Fou de fafa offers warm, efficient service. According to one of the signs in the cafe, you're more than welcome to ask the staff for a hug! 

So if you work in the CBD and haven't ventured into Fou de fafa, I highly recommend that you do. Don't forget to make reservations!

168 Robinson Road 
Capital Tower #01-05
Singapore 068912

+65 63279418

Thursday, October 7, 2010

eCreative Cakes

I know guys aren't really very big on birthday cakes but since I decided on a golf theme for the other half's surprise birthday party last saturday, I thought I'd go all the way with it and order a golf cake as well!

Fancy cakes are usually quite expensive but I managed to find a lovely bakery with a full online catalogue of cakes they've done before. 

Cake does not include golf ball candles.

What's more, the ordering process is easy-peasy! They take orders over the phone. All you have to do is quote the cake code you want off their website, give them all the details they need and you can even pay by credit/debit card or atm bank transfer to their POSB account! 

As if ordering a cake doesn't get any easier, the prices quoted on their website INCLUDES delivery to any address of your choice. They're quite prompt too. My delivery was scheduled from 6pm to 8pm but it arrived just before 6pm. 

Fancy cakes can be quite expensive but eCreative prices are extremely reasonable, especially for the quality of cakes they offer. My chocolate sponge cake with blueberry filling was so moist and yummy, everybody at the party really enjoyed it!

Here are some of my favourite eCreative creations:

So the next time you're planning a special occasion and need a cool cake for your party, do give eCreative a try! All their cakes are Halal certified by MUIS. 

Ku De Ta, MBS

Last weekend I took the other half up to Ku De Ta at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Seeing as he would be away in Italy playing golf on his actual birthday, I decided to mark the occasion a week early instead. 

I made reservations as soon as they were taking them, even before they opened officially on 22 September 2010. Ku De Ta Bali comes highly recommended (even though I've never been) so I was definitely excited to dine there. Not to mention, I've been told the views from the skypark are just spectacular. 

Ku De Ta Bali

Well, they were right. The views were breath taking! We were blessed with lovely weather that day, so we could see the entire city skyline on one side and the sea on the other, all the way from the 57th floor.

Views from Ku De Ta Singapore
The concept of sharing food at Ku De Ta meant that the food arrived in single dishes and in small portions. You can, of course, request for all the dishes to arrive together, which was what we did. 

My favourite dish definitely had to be the black angus ribeye, served with braised onion and coriander butter. The meat was exquisitely tender and juicy. The quality meat was complemented by the chilli braised onions, which added a sharp burst of flavour. 

For more information on the menus, visit

You can't find the prices on the menus listed on their website, but the food is relatively reasonably priced. Expect to pay at least $100 per head, which includes warm service and stunning views of the city. 

The one thing I didn't really like about the experience were all the people who paid $20 to walk around the skypark. I personally felt that this took away a lot of the grandeur and exclusivity of the establishments at the skypark. Especially on a weekend evening, the place was packed - not to mention a 200 metre queue that snaked around the side of the building; curious people (mostly locals) armed with their cameras waiting for what seemed like hours just to have a feel of the view from the top of Singapore's most talked about building today. I hope that at some point they would discontinue allowing non-hotel and non-restaurant patrons up onto the skypark.